As for your own convenience, San Jose Airport Limo Service has compiled few of the most frequently asked questions from our dear clients.

  • Q: How am I eligible to enjoy your transportation services?

    For clients whose travel route is within our coverage area, we will be very happy to extend the help and comfort they need. For whatever occasion, San Jose Airport Limo Service will deliver you with style and comfort.

  • Q: What if I go beyond the hours I have set?

    If the actual service has to go beyond the hours previously set, San Jose Airport Limo Service will generously allow extensions. Surely, you would not want to be left in the middle of the road. We will fulfill our promise of delivering you safe to your destination. Corresponding fees shall also take part.

  • Q: Am I allowed to cancel a booked trip?

    For your personal reason, San Jose Airport Limo Service allows cancellation provided it has been made at the soonest possible time or before the 48 hours. However, cancellations made within the 48 hours shall have corresponding fees.

  • Q: Can I change or request for additional transportation service?

    Requests for service changes and additional services are well allowed here in San Jose Airport Limo Service. You have the freedom to change your vehicle request or add more specialized services to suit your needs in the occasion. The 48-hour rule still applies. Fees are charged accordingly.

  • Q: Are changes in total fees applicable?

    In the road, changes in fees can be possible. What you have thought of as the total fee might not be the exact amount that you pay, more or less. This is only for the factors such as the route was not specified and the client has to go out of the initial route, and several other factors. What we in San Jose Airport Limo Service can best do for you is we discuss the corresponding fees that have applied in the service before you pay it full.

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