A Night at the San Francisco Opera is All the Better with a Limo

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One of the best things to do in all of the greater San Francisco area is spend an evening out at the opera. If you are a fan of opera, then San Francisco is one of the premiere places to see it in the world, after all the company in San Francisco is actually the second largest in all of North America.

One of the most exciting and posh events in all of the Bay Area for many is the opening night each year. Generally, the opening night of the opera in any city is a well attended event with many patrons who mark this night on their calendar well in advance of the event in order to be able to attend.

The opening night of the San Francisco Opera brings thousands of people to the San Francisco War Memorial Opera House to see and be seen as well as, of course, to take in the beautiful opera itself. During the opening night celebrations, it is not uncommon to see many limousines dropping off and picking up opera patrons both before and after the big event.

It makes sense to hire a limo rental service for this type of event for a number of different reasons. The first reason being that it is a very high class event, and what exudes class more than a limo? Being able to show up to such an event wearing your best evening attire, which means tuxedos for men and long ball gowns for women, and step out of a luxury well appointed limousine brings an extra air of glamour to the event itself. Continue reading “A Night at the San Francisco Opera is All the Better with a Limo” »

Avoid Parking Hassles and Take a Limo to This Year’s America’s Cup

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Limo ServicesThe greater Bay Area and especially San Francisco is a buzz with the news of the America’s Cup coming to the area this year. The America’s Cup is actually one of the world’s oldest sporting events, and brings in spectators from all over the world, as far away as New Zealand, Australia, Asia and Europe. The America’s Cup is a big competitive sailing event, which has it’s finals once every few years, and this year the finals will be right in the San Francisco Bay.

The America’s Cup will start in San Francisco Bay come July and continue on through late September. Since this racing series is such a massive world wide event, it is not going to be very hard to imagine that the Bay Area is going to be teeming with sailing fans and spectators who are going to be arriving from all over the world.

Getting to the race could pose problems in and of itself for many of the poeople who live in the area. Since the waterfront is going to be so packed with tourists and those from the Bay Area who are interested in the races, you can only imagine just how crowded it is going to be around the race area which spans from Pier 39 all the way to the Golden Gate Bridge. Continue reading “Avoid Parking Hassles and Take a Limo to This Year’s America’s Cup” »

The Easiest Way to Get to a Bay Area Airport? A Limousine Service!

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You’d be hard pressed to find a lot of people that really enjoy going to and from the airport. The vacation part and the traveling part, of course everyone loves that, but the trip to and from the airport is generally universally disliked. There are a number of reasons why.

Of course the biggest reason has to be traffic and parking issues. Many airports, especially those that are located in big popular cities like those that are in the Bay Area are a hassle to get to. They are located on the far side of town, and there is always a traffic jam trying to get in or out, causing a lot of unnecessary stress and energy. Who would want to start their vacation on a bad note like that?

Another hassle that comes with airports is parking. Parking at airports can be ridiculously expensive, and even more so in big cities like San Francisco. Going away for just a few days and leaving your car in the closest garage is going to cost at least a couple of hundred dollars, and even more for longer term trips. If you already have spent a lot of money on your vacation, no one wants to come home and realize they have to pay even more just to get out of the parking lot!

The other big problem with parking is the time it takes. To get the cheapest deals on the parking lots, the airports always end up sending you to far off parking areas that are no where near the airport itself. Then, you will have to wait for a shuttle to come pick you up and drive you another ten or even twenty minutes to just get to the entrance to the airport. That might be fine if you are just one person with a carry on bag, but imagine how difficult that is for a family with a baby, having to carry luggage plus the baby, plus strollers and car seats, a nightmare. Continue reading “The Easiest Way to Get to a Bay Area Airport? A Limousine Service!” »

With Baseball Season Back in Action, Why Not Take a Limo to the Ballpark?

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There are many reasons why the spring and summer are a great time to be in the Bay Area, but baseball has to be high up there on the list. The Bay Area has not one, but two baseball teams to root for, the San Francisco Giants and the Oakland Athletics.

Though the teams play just across the bay from each other, they play two very different styles of baseball, so it’s actually a lot of fun to go and spend some time checking out both teams during a visit.

Since the traffic in the greater Bay Area is known to be a bit of a nightmare, a lot of people look to attend baseball games by hiring a limo rental service. This is a fantastic option for a couple of reasons.

The first is that by hiring a┬álimo service, you and your friends will all be able to ride to the game together. This is a perfect scenario especially if you have friends coming back into town, or a group of people have just decided to all head to the game together. By having a limo, you are going to be able to all come and go as a group, the fun won’t have to stop quite so soon.

Another big benefit of hiring a limo service to go to a Giants or Athletics game is that everyone is going to be able to enjoy themselves without having to worry about driving home. Everyone in the group will be able to have a few beverages without the fear of someone drinking a little bit too much and being unable to drive safely home. The limo is a perfect way to both have some fun and have safe transportation all at the same time. Continue reading “With Baseball Season Back in Action, Why Not Take a Limo to the Ballpark?” »

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