Avoid Parking Hassles and Take a Limo to This Year’s America’s Cup

Limo ServicesThe greater Bay Area and especially San Francisco is a buzz with the news of the America’s Cup coming to the area this year. The America’s Cup is actually one of the world’s oldest sporting events, and brings in spectators from all over the world, as far away as New Zealand, Australia, Asia and Europe. The America’s Cup is a big competitive sailing event, which has it’s finals once every few years, and this year the finals will be right in the San Francisco Bay.

The America’s Cup will start in San Francisco Bay come July and continue on through late September. Since this racing series is such a massive world wide event, it is not going to be very hard to imagine that the Bay Area is going to be teeming with sailing fans and spectators who are going to be arriving from all over the world.

Getting to the race could pose problems in and of itself for many of the poeople who live in the area. Since the waterfront is going to be so packed with tourists and those from the Bay Area who are interested in the races, you can only imagine just how crowded it is going to be around the race area which spans from Pier 39 all the way to the Golden Gate Bridge.

For those visitors and residents who are really excited to attend some of the racing of the America’s Cup this summer and fall, one of the best ways to do so is going to be by hiring a limo rental. For an event of this size and scale, parking around the area, as well as transport is going to be a total zoo, so what better way than to be able to see the race, yet avoid all of the traffic than renting a limo.

A limo service is going to be able to pick you and your group up from your homes and then drive you straight to the viewing area, dropping you off right where the action is. You won’t have to arrive at the event hours early just to find a parking spot, or have to circle around San Francisco looking for a place to park and probably end up paying some very high parking fees to boot. And you won’t have to park on the other side of town just to find a spot and then take the BART back across to the water.

Once you are at the event, enjoy yourself, since you and your group have already pre-planned an established time and meeting spot to be picked up, you can leave whenever you wish, not having to worry about being stuck in traffic for an hour after the event, or feel like you are missing out because you have to run to the car. The limo driver will meet you on time right at your scheduled spot and be able to whisk you and your group back home after a wonderful day out watching the America’s Cup races.

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